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Making your point

Shaping Opinion

People say that all publicity is good publicity – Well, not quite.  It’s always good to generate coverage and make yourself heard.   But ultimately, if your efforts fail to produce new customers, future voters or change opinions, then it is an opportunity lost.


We ensure that you don’t just make an initial splash but that your key messages continue to ripple.   While one-off stories are easily forgotten, we specialize in generating long-lasting discussion and debate, so that core messages resonate with the right people.


Whether it’s a multi-layered campaign, product launch, one-time event or a single opinion article, we will squeeze every last drop of value out of it.  Whether that means reaching a mass market or grabbing the attention of a specific target audience, we will deliver.  Rather than simply raising awareness of our clients, we make sure that people are talking about them.          


We turn media coverage into a conversation piece.  For instance, we crafted and placed this op-ed in The Guardian, ensuring that it was talked about extensively online and recommended by the New York Times.  This generated an interview on Al Jazeera, securing air time with which to further shape opinion and get the message across.