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Dan Kosky is the CEO of Kosky Communications.  He has over a decade of experience in helping governments, politicians, businesses and issue groups better communicate their messages.    Dan has managed successful national campaigns, significantly raising public awareness on a variety of issues.   He has also boosted exposure and sales for businesses and corporations through effective marketing strategies.  


Dan regularly secures coverage for clients across all media, from specialist publications to every leading worldwide media outlet.   These include CNN, Fox News, BBC, Sky News, Forbes, ABC, Wall St Journal, The Economist, The Times (London) and the New York Times.  


Dan’s expertise in opinion writing is second to none.  He has penned speeches for government ministers and leading figures in the corporate and charitable sectors.  He has transformed the thoughts and views of numerous clients into persuasive and powerful opinion articles, successfully placing them for publication across the world from the United States to Europe and beyond.  His own opinion articles on a variety of issues have been published globally, including in The Guardian (UK), Washington Times, Baltimore Sun, The Australian, EU Observer and Haaretz.  Dan has been interviewed widely in the media, including on BBC and Al Jazeera.


Dan grew up in London, UK and holds both a bachelors and masters degree from Oxford University.  You can follow Dan on Twitter @dan_kosky and you can read his blog by clicking here."