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Achieving Consistent Global Sports Coverage


Over a period of a year, we were tasked with raising awareness of a service provider for football (soccer) industry professionals and in particular its online statistics and analysis database tool across the world.  We generated numerous well publicized news stories, features and blog posts, showcasing the online database.  We achieved coverage in top national publications, such as the Wall St Journal, Daily Mail (UK), Daily Mirror (UK) and even secured a regular feature on the website of the UK’s most popular weekly newspaper, News of the World.  The company’s services were also covered extensively in leading industry publications such as BBC Sport, ITV Sport and Soccerlens.        


This extensive coverage contributed greatly to a huge spike in IMScouting’s web traffic, achieving over one million unique visits per month.  


Blog Posts and Features

We produced regular blog posts and features such as the item below.  Utilizing hot topics in the football industry, our posts often attracted a large number of talkbacks and contributed to a buzz around our client.  Click here to read the full article below.

Media Coverage


Daily Mail – The Daily Mail is one of the UK’s top newspapers with over two million daily sales.  Its’ website is extremely popular.  They published an article on football trends which not only featured our client, but was based entirely on the searchable online database.  Click here to view.   

Soccerlens – This is the number one ranked football blog in the world.  They published a feature recommending our client’s information and statistics.  Click here to read the article.

Wall St Journal – Our client was featured in an article on the football scouting industry.  Click here to read the article.


ITV.com – ITV is one of the UK’s five free national TV stations and as such attracts huge audiences, especially for top sporting events.  Its’ website, a popular venue for sports fans, published an article based solely on our client’s player analysis, including a link to the company website.   Click here to read the article below.