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Welcome to Kosky Communications

Kosky Communications is a leading communications consultancy, providing a wide range of services to help you better impact your target audience. We specialize in generating conversation in mainstream and online media, making sure that your ideas, products or campaign are being discussed by the right people.


Time and again, we amplify the messages of political leaders, businesses and NGOs in a media world more crowded and noisier than ever before.  Our tailor-made approach makes the most of every tool and asset available, catering to every budget, to ensure that your voice is heard loudly and clearly.      


Our Edge

On the one hand, the booming online, digital and social media age brings you closer to the public than ever before.  On the other hand, in a world of unparalleled media choice, standing out from the crowd has never been harder.  Distributing your message correctly is important, but it won’t guarantee that you stand out from the rest.  Only the highest quality content can be heard above the noise.  


We deliver top quality content, which is clear, relevant and well-expressed.  When we craft an opinion article, speech, press release, report or presentation, we make sure that it is only the start of a discussion.  Our unrivalled track record of moulding and placing content-rich materials ensures that your key messages resonate with the right audience.  Using the entire range of communications platforms available today, we make sure that your message echoes into the future.    


Making your point